Dishes and Restaurants

A to-do list of food destinations and dishes which I plan to try. Dishes will be checked off and date stamped as I sample each of them.

  • (4/23/10) “Best Polish Boy” at Seti’s Polish Boys, Cleveland, OH
  • “Ridiculously Hot/NC-18 Wings” at the Boneyard, Cleveland, OH
  • “Recession Special” at Gray’s Papaya, New York, NY
  • “The Barbeque Belt” at Redbones BBQ, Boston, MA
  • “Phở {Tái, [Gân, Sâch | Gân | Nam | Bò Viên] | Gà}” at Minh Hai Restaurant, Cranston, RI
  • “Southern Fried Chicken” at Yoder’s Amish Restaurant, Sarasota, FL
  • “Hot Beef Sandwich (KFJ Style)” at Brennan and Carr’s Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY
  • “Stone Crabs” at Joe’s Stone Crab, Miami, FL
  • “The Cowboy” at Cattleman’s Steakhouse, Fabens, TX
  • “The Buffet” at Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
  • “Deluxe Breakfast” at McDonald’s, Waikiki, HI (consists of eggs, rice, sausage, and SPAM)

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