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Intermission: A Rant

Sorry to jump in before posting my rather predictable thoughts on food, but I have news. FOX 25, unfortunately, does not.

I’m back in Children’s. Again. Not entirely unexpectedly, as my cough has been coming back and I spiked a fever on Sunday (though I’ve been fever-free since). My lungs have felt kind of like crap since then (Sunday) and so my appointment, a follow-up from my last stint of 52 days/51 nights at Hotel CHB (the priciest in Boston, let me tell you), turned into a re-admission when I could barely manage PFTs. They were down, of course, but not as abysmal as I’d expected so I hope to be out of here sooner rather than later.

Now, on to the rant. Some (perhaps most) of you have probably seen or at least heard of the show “Pit Boss” on Animal Planet. Basically it revolves around a little-person talent agency called Shortywood Productions, run and staffed entirely by little people. This talent agency, run by the aptly-nicknamed “Shorty”, a man who might make it possible for fedoras to make a real comeback (rather than a hipster look-at-me-I’m-different-and-therefore-cool comeback), is also the home of Shorty’s Rescue, a pit bull rescue organization. I won’t get too in-depth here, but suffice to say the show and the rescue (if somehow I’ve reached readers in West Hollywood) are worth checking out.

Why talk about this show? Because FOX25 decided to rip once again on pit bulls. I’ll summarize their story, leaving out as little as possible:
Grandmother in her 70’s goes to visit family in their Boston apartment. She knocks three or four times, getting no response. Noticing the door is ajar, she decides to just go in. Upon entering, she is immediately attacked by the family dog, a pit bull. The pit bull bites and scratches her, and it takes four to five people to eventually pull the animal off of the woman. The police officer responding to the scene described the animal as a “killer dog”. The pit bull was taken to a nearby kennel and immediately put down. Upon questioning the owner, a reporter asked “Is your dog a killer dog?”, to which the owner replied “No, he’s never even bitten anyone before.” The reporter returned with, “But he has now,” the owner responded “Yes, he has now.” The kennel will be posthumously testing the dog for rabies.

Why am I ranting? Think about this logically for a moment. The grandmother is visiting family, supposedly. She knocks three or four times on anunlocked, partially open front door, and receives no response from anyone (or anything) in the house. Despite this, she decides the smart thing to do in this situation is to walk in unannounced. Following are two questions: Firstly, how hard (or soft) must she have been knocking for A) no one in the house (nor the dog) to hear her, and B) not to cause the door to swing open or closed? Secondly, who the hell leaves their apartment door not just unlocked, but *open*, in Boston? And with a dog *loose in the house*? Finally, where did the “four to five people” come from that it took to pull the dog off the woman? Were they in the apartment the whole time? Why didn’t they answer the door? Why didn’t they notice that the dog was frantically rushing at someone entering the house (as many dogs are known to do, especially dogs bred for guard duty)? How did the victim not hear the dog inside? Nothing in this story adds up. The only one doing what they were supposed to be doing (that is, their job), was the goddamn dog! And the dog is the only one punished. By death. No investigation, no testing of the dog for toothache or mistreatment or any other malady that can cause dogs to bite. Just rabies. After the dog is “safely” dead.

Now, incidents like this happen every day, in every state, with every conceivable type of animal and every conceivable type of victim. Why did this one make the 10 o’clock news? Because it was a pit bull. One of the short list of man’s best friends that are pigeonholed by the media into the evil, killer role. Don’t believe me? Ask the responding officer who chose specifically the words “killer dog” to describe the animal. Gullible people, (that is, people who believe more than 5% of what they see on news stations – any news stations – without doing their own research or at the very least thinking logically about the situation), love the newest scare story. And they love rehashing an old scare story. (Don’t believe me? Tonight’s “next up”: a man didn’t heed the warnings after the last chimp mauling, and gets mauled by his pet monkey!) I told you. If it was a collie, or a great Dane, or a golden retriever? They would almost certainly have skimmed over the dog’s breed entirely. If they did mention it in passing, they would spend the next five minutes talking about what a fluke it was for it to happen. And the dog probably would’ve been tested for rabies (and other afflictions) before euthanasia.

To sum up, FOX25’s story about a woman attacked by a dog: PIT BULL! OLD LADY! PIT BULL! VICIOUSLY ATTACKED! PIT BULL! KILLER DOG! PIT BULL!

And to sum up, the more realistic story about a woman attacked by a dog: Old lady barges in through “conveniently-ajar” door of relative’s apartment unannounced, guard dog bites her, dog is dragged out of apartment and killed. Old lady gets stitches.

In closing: Support Shorty’s Rescue and other rescue operations in your area – especially those for misunderstood dogs like pit bulls. Trust me, they’re the ones who need it the most.

Relevant links:
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